Breaking News: The Brainless Corpse in Velvet out now in the POETRY section.


Everything's beautiful.

My name is Maggie. I am a writer and college student from Chicago. I use any pronouns and I identify as genderfluid.

I want to tell stories. The book is weak. The ear is weak. The brain is what maggots will eat when all is said and done.

My current creative fixation is on my in-development Funkenstein homebrew of Cyberpunk Red, a little game known as Violet. It will find you when the time is right.

On the side, I write poetry and short works of fiction. I like jazz, rhythm and blues, funk, and random select music from Japan.

Eventually, those buttons you see on the top will link to those things. It will go hard.

If you've found this page, one or more of the following things must be true:

-i like you

-you have some level of interest in me or my work (i'm flattered, truly)

-one of us got lucky

-you want to see me fail, crumbling from my pretentions

-you're a bot

In any case, I am glad you've arrived. Let's water the corpse flowers together.
Also, peep my RPG.